3 Reasons to Choose a Specialty Mechanic

Vehicle owners in San Diego, CA, have a wide variety of mechanics in the area. Chain mechanics, such as Meineke, Jiffy Lube, and Pep Boys typically offer specialized service in one aspect of car maintenance, but a garage that caters to a specific make of vehicle will offer more comprehensive service. That’s what you can expect from the British Garage in San Diego, CA.


They Know Your Vehicle

Here is the first big bonus to choosing a specialty mechanic over a chain vehicle maintenance store or mom-and-pop garage: The staff at a specialty vehicle shop will know your vehicle. Instead of getting mediocre attention from a mechanic who services all types and makes of vehicles, you’ll receive specialized attention from a mechanic who knows exactly what to look for in your vehicle. Most vehicles have common issues unique to their make or model, and a specialty mechanic will be able to identify these problems and fix them quickly.

They Can Save You Time and Money

When you take your vehicle to a chain mechanic or general auto shop, you run the risk of having more problems later. The mechanic may fix the original issue that caused you to bring the car in for service, but he or she may not fix it the correct way or they might cause additional problems while working on the vehicle. This can lead to secondary repairs, referrals to other service centers, and a general hassle. Instead, a specialty mechanic can diagnose your vehicle and repair any issues without creating new ones.


Manufacturers’ Deals

Garages that specialize in one brand or make of car sometimes get perks from the manufacturers. This may include extended warranty offers, easier access to vehicle replacement parts, or discounts on part orders. When you go to a specialty mechanic, ask about their relationships with your vehicle’s manufacturer or if there are any specials or discounts that apply to your vehicle.


The British Garage in San Diego, CA, specializes in just a few brands of British-made vehicles to provide an unparalleled level of service. Our Factory Trained Master Technicians are intimately familiar with Land Rover, Range Rover, Mini Cooper, and luxury sports cars such as Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley, and Rolls Royce. Contact us today if you own one of these vehicles and learn what to expect from our service.




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