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    Bentley Service and Repair

    Your Bentley is powerful, sleek and elegant. Every time you drive it you fall in love all over again. For more than 95 years, Bentley has created vehicles loved by car enthusiasts worldwide. No matter what model you own, the experts and The British Garage can give it the care and maintenance it deserves.

    Expert Factory Trained Master Technicians

    Together our team of service advisors and technicians have over 64 years of experience working on exotic and luxury cars. They receive regular, extensive training and access dealer-specific knowledge to provide high levels of expertise you won’t find at a regular repair shop.

    Bentleys are superior machines with systems that are highly complex. Our experts use specialized tools and factory parts to protect your investment.

    Regular Service

    As with any vehicle, regularly scheduled service keeps it at peak performance. Regular oil changes, tire rotations and fluid replacement reduces wear and tear on key components and improves fuel efficiency. Bentley recommends service be scheduled by mileage.

    Every 5,000 miles perform the following:

    • Change oil and replace filter.
    • Completely replace AdBlue fluid.
    • Rotate and check tires for wear, reset monitoring and adjust pressure as needed.
    • Inspect wiper blades, adding wiper and headlight washer fluids as necessary.
    • Inspect brake system for leaks, damage, pad condition and fuel.

    At 15,000 miles, our Factory Trained Master Technicians will perform regular maintenance with these additional steps:

    • Inspect the engine compartment.
    • Clean battery terminals and check for corrosion.
    • Replace dust and pollen filter and engine air filter.
    • Replace spark plugs.
    • Check Ribbed V Belt tensioner and replace as needed.
    • Inspect parking lights, low and high beams, fog lights, along with all rear lighting.
    • Check exhaust system.
    • Inspect front and rear axle along with all ball joints and seals.
    • Check automatic and manual transmissions, as well as underbody for leaks.
    • Conduct a road test for an expert evaluation of braking, steering, ventilation and power accessories.

    Depending on your model, Bentley recommends additional service at 35,000, 75,000 and 115,000 miles. It’s a lot to keep up with, so our Factory Trained Master Technicians keep your service record updated and are available 24/7 to answer your questions or schedule service.

    Premium Bentley Parts

    Each part of your car is precision-made and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting performance. When you need a replacement, only factory parts will do. Genuine Bentley replacement parts typically come with a 2-year warranty, and we have the equipment and the expertise to install them at our state-of-the-art facility.

    Bentley Repairs

    Luxury vehicle owners know repairs are expensive. Not only do you want them performed by someone you can trust, you want them to last. The British Garage provides a 12 month/ 12,000 mile limited warranty on repairs and services performed at our location.

    We believe in our service and the products we install, and we’re dedicated to providing an experience that’s all about you. Contact us today to schedule service, maintenance or repair for your Bentley.