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    Mini Cooper Service and Repair

    Minis are unique and not every car technician understands what they need. The same BMW-designed chassis and unique features that are reminiscent of the 1960’s originals make it different from every other car on the road. A Mini-certified technician can provide the preventative maintenance, knowledgeable service and quality repairs you deserve to enjoy your Mini for years to come.

    MINI Service and Maintenance

    Regularly scheduled service and maintenance keeps your vehicle running smoothly and prevents problems down the road. Our Factory Trained Master Technicians know the problems unique to each type of vehicle we service and can often address issues before they damage your vehicle. Here are some of the services our technicians provide.

    • Oil Service – Don’t drop your Mini off at just any provider for an oil change, protect your car with our thorough service oil changes using BGs MOA. Our friction modifier provides intense lubrication for all your Mini’s components to improve your oil. We’ll replace filters with Mini filters and perform a multi-point inspection of brakes, belts, tires, air filters and more.


    • Brake Service – Minis have a sophisticated brake system that deserves care from a highly-trained specialist. We’ll check your pedals, fluids and cylinders, recommending brake pad changes as needed to protect your Mini Cooper’s stopping system. We believe a regular brake fluid flush extends the life of your mini’s brake system components.


    • Wheel Alignment – Our experts use high-tech tools designed just for Minis to perform precision alignments. If you need tires, we have Mini-approved options for every model.


    • Transmission Fluid Flush – The cleanest method for Mini Cooper maintenance is a complete transmission fluid flush under pressurized vacuum. Ensure your Mini Cooper’s transmission system has an extended lifespan by letting us change all 15 quarts under pressure.


    • Fuel Injection System Service – Keep your engine running at peak efficiency by removing fuel injection buildup every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Regular maintenance improves gas mileage and boosts performance.

    Every new Mini comes with comprehensive maintenance for up to three years or 36,000 miles. Our Factory Trained Master Technicians will perform engine oil services, inspections, brake fluid service and replace both engine and cabin air filters using genuine Mini parts no matter what the age of your car.

    If Your Mini Needs Repair

    While Mini Coopers are popular for their reliability, sometimes they need repair. The British Garage is authorized for extended warranty repairs and our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to handle all your vehicle’s needs.

    Some of the most common Mini Cooper problems include premature clutch wear, electric door lock malfunctions and electric power steering pump issues. Often, our specialists know the average mileage when problems occur, so we can advise you of potential repairs before a small problem turns into an expensive one.

    We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions or schedule appointments. Contact us today to experience the difference.