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    Land Rover & Range Rover Service and Repair

    The British Land Rover and Range Rover both symbolize a spirit of independence and exploration. Wherever you take your vehicle, regularly scheduled service and maintenance keeps it ready for the road ahead. At The British Garage, our Factory Trained Master Technicians use state-of-the-art technology and outstanding service.

    Land Rover & Range Rover Limited Warranty

    Every new Land Rover or Range Rover comes with a limited warranty that covers it for either four years or 50,000 miles. They also include a corrosion perforation warranty that covers each vehicle for six years with unlimited mileage and additional emissions warranties.

    Protect your warranty by taking it to an approved service center, like us, so you know your vehicle is always protected, that the service uses Land Rover certified parts and your vehicle stays at peak safety and capability.

    Know Your Land Rover & Range Rover

    Land Rovers and Range Rovers are a safe and reliable vehicle often subjected to high demands. Know your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule to ensure maximum longevity.

    Depending on the oil recommended for your vehicle depends on when you should visit us. We recommend you get the oil changed every 3,000 miles (regular oil) – 6,000 miles (synthetic oil). All our oil change services come with new oil, oil filter, and a complete vehicle inspection performed by one of our Factory Trained Master Technicians.

    Every 15,000 miles or once a year, bring it in for the following:

    • Wiper blade inspection and wiper fluid checks
    • Wheel and tire inspection
    • Underbody inspection
    • Power steering and cooling system fluids checked
    • Parking and regular brake system inspection
    • On-board diagnostic system evaluation
    • Doors, hinges, latches, and locks inspected
    • Crankcase oil filter replaced and fluid changed
    • Exhaust system and exterior lighting inspection

    Every other scheduled maintenance should also include a wiring harness, suspension and steering system inspection. Our Factory Trained Master Technicians will make sure your seatbelt restraint system keeps passengers safe on the roughest roads, check brake lines, change brake fluids and inspect your driveshaft.

    Better Gas Mileage

    Regular maintenance doesn’t just keep your vehicle at optimal performance, it saves you money on gas. A properly serviced Land Rover with tires inflated to factory recommended pressure gives you extra miles for every gallon of road you cover.

    BG’s 44k is the fuel injector cleaner dealership service managers prefer. It adds premium quality detergents and fuel additives that restore vehicle performance, increase power, reduce emissions and boost fuel efficiency. We use 44k in all our Land Rovers.

    What to Expect During Service and Repair

    At The British Garage, it’s all about you. We provide a complimentary shuttle service. If you need something to drive while your vehicle is in the shop, we have a range of affordably-priced rentals.

    If your vehicle needs service, our Factory Trained Master Technicians use diagnostic equipment to evaluate your mechanical and electronic systems and make repairs using genuine Land Rover parts. We’ll make any repairs covered by your warranty, provide transparent pricing for any additional work and update your service record.

    Experience the knowledgeable personnel and exceptional customer service you’ll find only at The British Garage. Contact us today to schedule service and repair for your Land Rover or Range Rover.