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    Aston Martin Service and Repair

    You invested a lot when you purchased the high-end Aston Martin. Whether you’ve had yours a while or it’s a new acquisition, The British Garage is one of the best independent European Car repair shops in Southern California. Aston Martin sets factory standards for every vehicle, and we use cutting-edge technology and top-notch facilities to duplicate them so our service meets and often exceeds those standards.

    Why Your Aston Martin Needs Regular Service

    When you turn your car over to our Factory Trained Master Technicians, you can relax knowing it’s in expert hands. Bring your Aston Martin in for regularly scheduled maintenance to receive the following benefits:

    • Safeguard maximum operation, safety and reliability
    • Avoid unexpected breakdowns or mechanical failure
    • Boost fuel efficiency
    • Maximize resale or trade-in appraisal

    Know Aston Martin Recommendations

    Here’s what Aston Martin recommends for regular vehicle service.

    • Oil filters – Starting at 10,000 miles or after the first year, replace oil and filters to reduce wear and tear on engine components. At The British Garage we include BGs MOA with every oil change to further reduce friction on parts that experience intense heat and pressure.
    • Brake Fluid – Depending on your model, Aston Martin recommends changing brake fluids every one or two years to safeguard performance and prevent corrosion. Our process uses specialized equipment for a complete flush under pressure to reach dirty fluid inside valve blocks.
    • Pollen and Air Filters – Your Aston Martin filters allergens, dust and pollution through its heating and cooling system. We’ll change your pollen filters every 20,000 miles. Air filters keep debris out of your engine, so replace them every 20,000 miles for V12 models and at 30,000 miles if you own a V8.
    • Cooling System – Optimize performance with dealer approved anti-freezing and anti-corrosion products every five years to protect your vehicle from desert region extremes.
    • Transaxle Oils and Transmission Fluids – Every 40,000 miles Aston Martin advises fresh transaxle oils. The British Garage performs transmission fluid flushes that exceed recommendations by exchanging fluids under vacuum. Factory service removes and replaces 5 quarts of fluids. We exchange all 15, extending the lifespan of your transmission.

    Aston Martin Repairs

    You bought the luxury Aston Martin for its smooth exterior, luxury interior and precision handling. When they need repair, the same precision manufacturing that makes them unique also requires special care. You don’t have to take your car back to the dealer for repair, bring it to the original dealership alternative for the following benefits:

    • Customer concierge service provides complimentary shuttle service or affordable rentals.
    • Our Factory Trained Master Technicians are authorized for extended warranty repairs and we use only factory parts
    • State-of-the-art facilities provide the equipment and environment for working on your specialty vehicle.
    • Our knowledgeable personnel are available 24/7 to answer your questions or set up appointments.
    • Competitive pricing makes repairs more affordable than many high-priced mechanics.

    At The British Garage, it’s all about you. Contact us today to schedule Aston Martin service, maintenance or repairs.