Scheduled Maintenance

IMG952422Land Rover recommends servicing your vehicle based on certain mileage increments. We also recommend certain services based on your mileage for the best performance possible from your Land Rover, especially in this day and age of ever increasing gasoline prices. The BEST gas mileage saver is to properly service your car and keep your tires properly inflated at factory recommended pressures. Even a few pounds of pressure can make the difference per gallon.

Recommended Maintenance

Transmission Fluid Flush: We recommend a complete transmission fluid flush under pressurized vacuum for the most efficient and cleanest method of cleaning out the transmission on Land Rovers and Mini Coopers. We are able to exchange the entire amount of fluid under vacuum, not just the 5 quarts that are “exchanged” during a regular factory service. By performing this exchange under pressure, we can exchange all 15 quarts properly, ensuring longevity for your Land Rover or Mini Cooper transmission.

Brake System Flush: We recommend a complete brake fluid flush under pressure with our specialized equipment at The British Garage. Land Rover Discovery II antilock braking systems are vulnerable to dirty brake fluid and often fail as a result of lack of fluid changes. Under pressure, the fluid can be pushed through the valve block and exchanged with clean fluid; a process that is impossible to do during a regular fluid change. It’s only under pressure that we can reach the dirty fluid inside the valve block. We believe that this kind of routine brake fluid flush on your Land Rover or Mini Cooper can extend the life of your expensive brake system components.

Fuel Injection System Cleaning: We recommend a fuel injection system cleaning every 30,000-60,000 miles depending on how you use your Land Rover or Mini Cooper. We strongly recommend this service as a way to keep your engine running smoothly by removing any buildup of carbon or other deposits. This injection system cleaning is a simple procedure and can even help to improve your Land Rover’s performance and possibly even your gas mileage. The cleaner the car, the more efficiently it will run and consume fuel. Regular cleaning of the fuel system can ensure better gas mileage and performance on both Land Rovers and Mini Coopers.

IMG952268Regular Oil Changes with MOA: Using BG’s MOA with every oil change is recommended at The British Garage. MOA is a friction modifier which makes your oil running through the engine more efficient at lubricating all the components that are under intense heat and pressure. With every oil change at The British Garage, not only can we add MOA to improve your oil, we also can perform a complete inspection on every Land Rover and Mini Cooper model, just let us know if there is anything you need checked out when you drop it off.

BG’s 44k: Add a can of 44k every 3,000-6,000 miles when you fill your Land Rover or Mini Cooper with gas. This is a super cleaning agent that acts in the fuel system cleaning out carbon buildup and improving performance. Our customers have given us feedback that 44k actually works. We sometimes sell it by the case, it’s that popular of a product. We use 44k, like all our other products, in all of our Land Rovers and Mini Coopers.