3 Tips To Keep Your 4×4 at its Best

When you own a 4×4 vehicle, you need to take special care with maintenance to prevent problems with its performance, especially if you take it off-roading. Keeping your car in optimal condition is important for any driver, but when you take your vehicle into extreme conditions, you don’t want to encounter any unexpected problems. Consider these 4×4 maintenance tips.

  1. Change air filters frequently. Air filters should be changed for any vehicle every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. However, when you take your vehicle off-roading, dust particles and other contaminants build up in the filter in larger amounts and require more frequent replacement. When your air filter is blocked, it can affect your engine’s performance, so this is not a chore to put off.
  2. Maintain fluid levels. You should always check your fluid levels before heading out on a venture. Make sure that your oil level is adequate and that there are no excessive contaminants present. Be sure to check your coolant level as well to keep your engine from overheating, and ensure that you have windshield washer fluid to wash mud and grime off and maintain a safe view.
  3. Keep tires aligned. All facets of vehicle maintenance are vital when you own an off-road vehicle. Alignment is one that is crucial to your safety. This will keep your tires from wearing out more quickly than they should. Be sure to keep up with rotation and balancing, as needed, too. This will contribute to your safety and the lifespan of your tires.

When you stay on top of regular maintenance with any vehicle, you are more likely to notice potential safety issues and problems that may require costly repairs if ignored. The British Garage is your go-to team in the San Diego area for all of your auto maintenance needs. Call us today at (858) 689-8900 to schedule an appointment.




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