5 Ways to Effectively Prep Your Car for Your Thanksgiving Trip

When you get behind the wheel on a normal day, there are many things to take into account. Driving during the holidays comes with a whole extra host of factors to consider for a successful trip, both to your destination and back home. No matter how far you plan to drive this year, making a point to prepare for your upcoming Thanksgiving trip in advance is a key component of a successful journey. Refer to the following set of driving tips to help you ensure your next Thanksgiving outing is stress-free:


Plan To Avoid Traffic Jams During Rush Hours


Try to schedule your trip around peak driving times. For example, rather than heading out on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, plan to leave on Tuesday, or early in the morning on Wednesday or on the day of Thanksgiving. You can also minimize the hassle of driving during traffic jams by leaving in the early hours of the morning or the later hours of the evening. To avoid being stuck in traffic when you make your way back home, consider leaving on the Saturday after Thanksgiving instead of the Sunday.


Prep for Traveling with Kids


If you’re traveling with kids this holiday season, make sure to pack water, healthy snacks, and games to provide entertainment throughout your trip.


Examine Your Spare Tire


Before leaving, make a point to look at your spare tire to affirm that it’s in optimal condition. While you’re at it, make sure that you have packed the right tools, including a tire jack and wrench in your vehicle.


Conduct A Thorough Auto Checkup


Inspect your vehicle’s brake lights, tire pressure, windshield wiper blades, signal lights, and fluids prior to taking off on your trip. You may also want to consider switching your wiper blades if you haven’t done so this season.


Make a List


Creating a detailed checklist of all the things you need to bring along on your trip, such as your mobile phone, chargers, camera, laptop, back up chargers, snacks, and other items, will help ensure nothing essential is left behind.

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