A Checklist for a Summer Road Trip in Your Mini Cooper

British Garage in San Diego, CA specialized in the maintenance of Mini Coopers and other European vehicles.  If you are going to take a trip in your Mini Cooper this summer, we have a checklist for you to be well prepared.

  • Schedule your annual maintenance or maintenance based on the mileage of your Mini Cooper before your trip. Get any repairs done that you need, so your Mini Cooper is reliable for the whole trip.
  • Check your spare tire and make sure all the components to your jack are in your vehicle in case you have a flat. Check the tread of the tires on your car and make sure you don’t have worn areas on your tires.
  • Have your glovebox organized with your proof of insurance, registration, and other important documents. You should also keep your owner’s manual and roadside assistance information in your glove box.
  • A week before you go, invest in a road atlas so that you can have a map if you don’t have cell service. Cleaning your car at this time will help you stay on schedule for your trip.  Organize the things that must stay in your car and choose a good spot for your emergency kit.
  • Wash and vacuum your vehicle the day before you leave so that it is fresh and clean for your trip. Recheck your tires and fluids also.  Fill up on gas the day before you leave, so you don’t have to waste time getting gas in the morning when everyone else is at the pump.
  • Pack your vehicle evenly. Put heavy items closer to the middle of your vehicle, to distribute the weight evenly.  Make sure that you don’t have anything blocking your vision from the driver’s seat as you pack your vehicle.
  • Pack your cooler last with food from your fridge, so it can have the maximum amount of time to keep your food cold.

Taking a road trip across the country or just a few hours away should always be a fun event.  Making sure your Mini Cooper is in good working order will get you to where you want to go and back home again.




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