A Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Bentley

As the weather gets a little cooler in San Diego, CA, you should consider having your Bentley serviced to make sure it is going to perform well year-round.  Regular maintenance can ensure that your vehicle has the absolute best care, and the performance and fuel-efficiency are optimal. 

Service by Mileage Intervals

Fall Maintenance for your Bentley can be a standard service check, or you can have your car serviced based on how many miles you’ve gone since the last time you’ve had it serviced.  You should also follow the service schedule that considers your vehicle’s mileage milestones. 

Service Checks for the Change of Seasons

As the seasons change, consider having your vehicle serviced to make sure that it is ready for cooler weather and slicker roads.

  • Get your oil and other fluids checked.  If you need fresh fluid and filters have them changed.
  • Getting your tires inspected for the proper amount of tread and pressure, is essential as the weather gets cools down.  It would be best if you also had your Tire Pressure Monitoring System inspected to make sure it works correctly. 
  • Have your wiper blades inspected and replaced if necessary.
  • Have the battery checked for corrosion, to make sure it is mounted well, and to make sure it is working as it should. 
  • Have your doors and hood lubricated. 
  • Ask a technician to inspect your transmission for leaks and to make sure it shifts appropriately.
  • If you have any concerns, feel free to ask your service technician to take your Bentley for a road test so they can listen for sounds, check your electrical, heating, air conditioning, and brake systems.
  • Have your spark plugs and engine compartment checked to make sure everything is running the way it should.
  • Have your air filter and other filters in your vehicle checked so you know that your premium Bentley parts and your cabin have excellent air quality. 

Trusting the right service professional to inspect and service your Bentley is essential.  Consider having your luxury vehicle inspected at British Garage this fall to make sure it is ready for fall and winter. 

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