Car Wax 101

Any car is an important item to keep safe and maintained, and this is especially true for luxury cars, which require extra care in the long run. One step to protect your luxury car at any time of the year is to wax it, especially if you live in an area with bad weather conditions. What does wax do, though, and how do you use it correctly?

What Wax Does

Wax is mainly used to protect your car from various types of damage, from intense sunlight to salt and sediment buildup. Wasting your luxury vehicle adds an extra layer of protection between the elements and the metal, allowing your car to last longer. Otherwise, your car is at risk of corrosion, dirt stains, scratches, and more. Additionally, the wax makes your vehicle look sparkly and clean, which is a bonus everyone would like for their car.

When to Wax

No one answers about when or how often you should wax your car. It depends on factors such as where you live, whether your car has been waxed in the past few years, and whether you’re concerned about weather damage or dirt. A good idea is to not wax it until you’ve thoroughly washed it. Otherwise, the dirt and damage you already have would be trapped underneath it. 

How to Wax

To wax your car, you want to apply small but evenly sized circles with moderate wax. You do this for every part of your vehicle until the wax has been applied in even amounts. Once the wax has been added, you’ll want to buff it using a microfiber cloth. When it’s time to buff it depends on which type of wax you’ve used, so check the instructions, and your car will look good in no time.

Luxury Car Repair and Maintenance

Not all car problems can be solved by adding wax. If your luxury car needs repairs, contact The British Garage today

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