Care for Your Land Rover This Summer

San Diego is famous for the sunshine and great weather pretty much all year round. While the sunshine can be nice for enjoying the outdoors and your tan, it can be harsh on your vehicle. As you gear up for summer, make sure you take care of your Land Rover to keep it looking great throughout the year.

Avoid Parking in the Sun

Ultimately, if you want to protect your vehicle from sun damage, you should keep it out of the sun as much as possible. While you don’t have much choice in this matter while driving, you can choose where to park your car to minimize the sun’s effect on your Land Rover’s paint job. Try to park in the shade whenever possible. If you have a garage, park your car inside of it instead of leaving it in the driveway. Both tips will also keep the interior of your vehicle more comfortable when it’s time to get back in it and drive.

Wash, Dry, and Wax the Exterior

The cleaner you keep your car, the better you protect it from sun damage. Lingering dust and dirt on your vehicle will essentially bake in the sun, adhering to the paint and gradually stripping it down. Waxing offers additional protection by making it harder for dirt and grime to stick to the paint. It’s a good idea to have your vehicle waxed on a regular basis, generally after every washing.

Protect the Interior

Your Land Rover’s exterior may face the brunt of the punishment from the sun, but the interior is vulnerable as well. Consider using a windshield sun protector to prevent excessive sunlight from entering your vehicle. This not only helps preserve the materials of the interior but also keeps the temperature lower. Take time to regularly wipe down your dashboard with a clean microfiber towel as well. The dust and dirt that collect on it will eventually do the same thing they do to the vehicle’s exterior—adhere to the finish in the sun and gradually peel it away.

These simple tips can help your Land Rover withstand summer weather more readily. For more intensive vehicle maintenance, call the British Garage in San Diego at (858) 689-8900 or contact us online to make an appointment for your vehicle.

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