Carpooling with Your Luxury Vehicle

If you’ve decided to participate in carpooling with your coworkers or at your child’s school, there are some helpful tips to keep your car in good shape.  Most people don’t envision carpooling with a luxury vehicle, but it happens often.  There are a few tips that make carpooling with your luxury vehicle much more bearable!

  • Install garbage bags or cans in the front and back seats.  Ask your passengers to use the garbage cans to dispose of waste.
  • There should be enough cup holders in your vehicle for all the passengers.  If there aren’t enough, then consider installing more.  Cupholders can help avoid spills.  If your passengers are children, you can request that they only drink water in your vehicle.
  • Get a small vacuum for your vehicle.  You can clean up crumbs and dirt right away. 
  • Keep cleaners, paper towels, and lint-free rags in your trunk.  These items will allow you to clean your vehicle after each carpooling trip.
  • Odor neutralizer is an excellent item to keep on hand and use after everyone exits your vehicle. 
  • Take the time you need to run your carpool and then have a few minutes to clean up before you must start your day.  These extra minutes will ensure that your vehicle is always clean, so messes don’t accumulate throughout the week.
  • If you have stains on your carpet, try carpet cleaner. You can also use a steam cleaner at a car wash or detailing shop.
  • Make sure you have your car regularly serviced, so it stays reliable and safe for your passengers!
  • Consider a leather care kit for footprints, handprints, and spills.  Using the proper techniques to clean the leather in your vehicle is vital to prevent wear.

British Garage is dedicated to helping you live your best life with your luxury car.  These few tips can help you stay stress-free and socialize with coworkers or other parents because you enjoy participating in the carpool. 

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