Common Problems with Land Rovers

The Land Rover refers to a four-wheel sport utility vehicle unit manufactured by Land Rover in the United Kingdom. Land Rover can develop problems related to the ignition-which can negatively affect the function of the engine.

Ignition Amplifier Module

The ignition amplifier module in a Land Rover converts magnetic pulses from the electronic signal distributor that start the ignition coil. The build-up of heat during engine idling can cause the ignition amplifier module to stop and start, resulting in the engine stalling. Loose cable connections in Land Rover ignition modules can also lead to poor gas mileage and stagnation.

Mechanical Moment Advance Mechanism 

The Mechanical Timing Advance Mechanism of the Land Rover in the manifold can result in the engine starting deteriorated and causing poor performance. This seizure often occurs due to lack of proper lubrication.

Pickup Ignition Module

The Land Rover ignition pickup module turns the on / off coil and controls the flow of current through the ignition coil. The base plate next to the vacuum advance device in the Land Rover can move during normal operation, causing the ignition cables of the pickup module to press against the rubber seat and ultimately button, resulting in the engine hesitation and starting problems.

Other Common Problems with Land Rover

Some other common problems:

  • Thermostat problems: If a Land Rover thermostat breaks, it can cause the cooling system to malfunction. Problems often occur when the thermostat gets stuck in one place. If a thermostat gets stuck in the open position, the motor can be cooled before it is ever heated to the ideal temperature. If a thermostat gets stuck in the closed position, the motor will be too hot and overheat.
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  • Overheating Problems: Land Rover have problems with overheated engines. Defective temperature indicator parts are sometimes to blame, as are the thermostats that get stuck to the engine machinery. Call us today at British Garage for all your Land Rover repairs.
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