Your Comprehensive Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

Vehicle owners understand that conducting ongoing maintenance tasks is crucial to ensure that their vehicles remain functioning at peak performance level. However, the conditions of the summer involve numerous environmental changes that can have an impact on a vehicle. To keep your car in excellent condition this season, use the following vehicle maintenance tasks as a guide:


Switch Out Seasonal Wheels

If you repacked your all-season tires for winter tires, summer is the perfect time switch back or have them replaced with summer tires. Though all-season tires do work in warm weather, they often grip the road less when compared with summer tires. However, all-season tires place less stress on your car’s system, provide more tread life, and can make moderate improvements on your car’s mileage. When you’re done switching your tires, look at your windshield wipers to check for any signs of wear and tear due to winter conditions. Think about replacing your windshield wipers this summer to make sure you can still see well if you’re driving down the road and get caught in the middle of a summer rainstorm.


Check Your Coolant Levels

Your vehicle will be at an increased risk of overheating in the summer. Make it a point to check your car’s coolant levels and replenish or replace it when necessary. If you notice that your car’s air conditioner is not getting as cold as it used to, get your vehicle’s coolant levels checked and replenish them to ensure your car stays cool despite the summer heat.


Get an Oil Change

Having your car’s oil changed is an imperative maintenance responsibility, but many vehicle owners disregard its significance. Neglecting to have your car’s oil changed can result in problems with the engine and several other aspects of its system. Make time to get your oil changed based on your manufacturer’s timeframe.


Have Your Battery Tested

Cold weather strains your car batteries and compels them to work harder, which can make it more likely to die out come summertime. Have your vehicle’s car battery examined, to be sure it won’t go out while you are driving during the summer.

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