Don’t Let a Chipped or Cracked Windshield Go Unrepaired

If you have a small crack in your windshield, or if the glass has been chipped by a small stone or piece of debris that hit you on the road, you want to be sure to get it repaired as soon as you can. By getting your windshield repaired, you ensure your own safety and that of any passengers in your vehicle and other drivers around you. Take a look at these reasons it’s important to get your windshield repaired.

  • Avoid traffic violations. When you have a small chip or crack in your windshield, it is likely to turn into a larger crack due to the sun’s effects and vibration from driving. If you are on the road with a large crack in your windshield, you may get a traffic citation and a hefty fine.
  • Repairs are quick and easy. Typically, when you get a small chip or crack repaired, it can be done in about 15 minutes, at a minimal cost. Your insurance may cover the cost of these repairs.
  • Your vehicle structure. Most individuals don’t realize that their windshield is a critical part of the car’s entire structure. When a crack weakens it, the windshield may not support the roof properly if you happen to be involved in a roll-over accident.
  • Clear view. If you have a crack or chip in your line of vision, it can affect your ability to drive safely.
  • Save money down the road. If you let a small chip or crack go unrepaired, it will eventually expand and may require you to get your entire windshield replaced. It is much faster and cheaper to get the crack fixed right away.

Don’t ever put off repairs that affect your vehicle’s safety and performance, such as a cracked windshield. You can count on the mechanics at The British Garage for all of your auto repair needs. Call us today at (858) 689-8900.


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