How Cold Weather Affects Electric Cars

Electric cars are an excellent and green alternative to traditional fuel cars, but they’re not without their flaws. In the winter, your electric cars are likely to struggle.

The Problem

Cold weather has been proven to reduce the life of an electric car battery by about 20%. This means that you’ll lose a fifth of your driving range each time and even more if you’re blasting the heater. It comes down to chemistry and your car’s attempt to stay warm, which will cause the battery to drain.

Does this mean electric cars aren’t better than their fuel-using counterparts? Of course not. While this problem can cost us time or get us stuck in bad weather, electric car manufacturers and owners are figuring out solutions.

What You Can Do  

Starting the car while it’s plugged in can help warm the battery up and get you some life back. You can also park your car in a garage to keep it out of the cold entirely and on a charger to maintain the battery’s life.

A new electric car is likely to have more battery life and range than an old one, and this number tends to increase with each year. The newer your car is, the easier you’ll be able to handle the winter. Alternatively, going for a hybrid can offer you a safety net if your battery is struggling.

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These problems can be fixed by taking the necessary precautions, or by switching to a car with longer battery life, or the ability to fall back on a fuel tank. However, if your problems go beyond a winter battery drain, it’s time to visit a professional. If you need help with a luxury car, contact The British Garage to take a look and fix the problem.

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