How is a Range Rover Different From a Land Rover

It’s possible that, at some point, you’ve wondered about the difference between a “Range Rover” and a “Land Rover.” Well, we’re here to help clear up the distinction. 

The Big Difference: A Brand Versus a Model

Simply put, the big difference lies in the fact that the Land Rover is a brand, while a Range Rover describes a particular Land Rover model. However, this is not where the distinctions end—in fact, there’s some fascinating history behind the separation.

Land Rovers Versus Range Rovers: A Short History

Some might not realize that “Land Rover” didn’t always describe the brand itself. In 1885, Maurice Wilks first founded the Rover Company. At the time, they solely manufactured bicycles. 

However, in 1947, the first instance of the “Land Rover” name appeared. It came in the form of the Series 1 Land Rover model, a utilitarian agricultural SUV.  Meaning, at this point, the Land Rover was introduced as a model. 

The Range Rover was first manufactured several years later, in 1970. Due to the rising popularity of leisure SUVs, the Range Rover was designed to be a high-end model. Just a few years after the release of the Range Rover, a portion of the Rover Company broke off from the rest, rebranding itself Land Rover Limited. This occurred in 1978 and was the first time “Land Rover” was used to describe a brand rather than an SUV model. 

Today, the Range Rover is the long-standing flagship model of the Land Rover company. 

Both Were Models; One Became a Company

In essence, at each of their inceptions, the Land Rover and the Range Rover were SUV models, both manufactured by the Rover Company. However, this shifted in 1978, when Land Rover Limited was first established. So, today, Land Rover remains the brand, and Range Rover, the high-end flagship model.

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