How Much Maintenance Does My Car Need

The amount of maintenance your vehicle needs depends on what the make and model of your car is, and how much you drive it during the year.  If you have people work on your car that specialize in your specific vehicle,  it is easier to make sure that your car is always reliable.


A Bentley should have expert service technicians that are well trained working on it.  Bentleys require regular maintenance to have the best performance.  Have your Bentley checked every 5000 miles for routine maintenance and every 15000 miles for a thorough inspection.  It would be best if you also had a Bentley checked for specific repairs and maintenance as it hits specific mileage milestones found in your owner’s manual.

Land Rover

A Land Rover should have an inspection and regular maintenance once a year.  The old should be changed at every 3000 miles unless you use synthetic oil, then every 6000 miles is okay.  Your owner’s manual will have guidelines about annual maintenance and maintenance that is needed based on your Land Rover’s mileage.  If you need any repairs on your Land Rover, a garage that specializes in your vehicle will help keep it reliable longer.


Have your Jaguar checked every 5000 to 7500 miles.  These checks should include an oil change, replacing the oil filter, checking the other fluids in the car and tire inspections.

Once a year have your air filter replaced and brakes inspected.  You can also have your air conditioner, and the doors on your vehicle looked at, so the hinges are well lubricated.

Rolls Royce

A Rolls Royce deserves specialized care from expert technicians.  If you have a Rolls Royce, British Garage in San Diego is prepared to change the fluids, work on the brakes, and clean your fuel injection system to keep your vehicle running correctly.

British Garage in San Diego is available with specialized technicians who have the knowledge to do one of a kind work on European Luxury Vehicles.  If you have any questions about maintaining your vehicle or having it serviced, we are always there to supply the answers you need.

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