How Often Should I Get My Land Rover Serviced

Whether you already own a Land Rover or are looking to purchase a new one, you know that it’s a large investment vehicle. It’s also a vehicle that requires special care to ensure it’s always operating optimally. The best way to do this is to ensure you’re getting regular maintenance on your vehicle.

Service at 5000 Miles

At 5000 miles, you’re getting a good feel for your Land Rover, so you know if it’s running smoothly or not. With average driving time, you’ll probably reach 5000 miles at around six months. At this time, you should be getting an oil change and possibly a new air filter. Also, your tires should be checked for pressure and tread. Finally, chassis lubrication should happen now, too.

Service at 10,000 Miles

Upon reaching this milestone and every 10,000-mile mark, a few more essential things should be checked aside from oil changes. Steering and suspension should be checked, as well as transmission fluid and coolant.

Service at 15,000 Miles

This mileage amount will see more significant checks. Drive belts, exhaust, parking and regular brake systems, and power steering should be tested and fixed, should there be a need. Additionally, diagnostics should be run, and it’s important that the underbody gets a careful look.

Service at Over 30,000 Miles

At 30,000 miles, you’ll get the maintenance checks done at all the previous levels and a few more checks. The fuel line, seatbelt, and wiring harness should all be inspected.

Once you hit 60,000 miles, you must bring your Land Rover in for expert inspections. At The British Garage, we strive to make your maintenance and repairs straightforward and provide excellent service. Contact us to get your Land Rover maintenance scheduled today.



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