How to Prepare Your Range Rover for Traveling with Pets

Pets, just like children, should be safe if you take them on a trip in your Range Rover.  If you are prepared, a trip with your pets can be a wonderful way to bond with them and give them an adventure.  If your pets don’t like to travel, consider talking to your veterinarian about traveling with them.


Animals should be secure when they ride in cars.  Avoid allowing them to ride in the front seats because of the airbags.  An animal should also be stable and not able to move around the car while you are driving.  Allowing an animal to roam around a vehicle freely can be dangerous for them and you!  Look at safety belts made for pets or consider a crate for your Range Rover.

Leaving a pet unattended is tempting sometimes, especially if you are just doing something fast.  In the summer this is never advised because a car can heat up extremely fast.  Even with the windows rolled down, a vehicle can get so hot that it is fatal for pets.

If you have a dog or dogs, don’t let them hand their heads out the window.  This is very risky and unsafe for your dog.  They could get hit by debris or even passing vehicles that are too close.

Bathroom Breaks

Prepare ahead of time for your pet to use the restroom and stretch their legs regularly.  They should get time to use the restroom several times a day, just like you do.

Food and Water

There are containers specially made for traveling with pets who need water and food during the trip.  These food and water bowls stay upright to combat spillage when you drive.

Pets are wonderful to take on short or long trips!  If you are planning a trip, consider what you need to do to get your Range Rover ready to go and prepared for your pet.  If you need to have your Range Rover serviced, British Garage in San Diego, CA offers professional services based on your specific vehicle.

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