How to Protect Your Land Rover’s Interior This Summer

San Diego may have beautiful weather pretty much year-round, but all that sunshine does come with a few downsides. Sunscreen is an essential part of every San Diego resident’s budget, and the sun exposure can also eventually damage your vehicle’s interior. Land Rovers come with some of the most outstanding interior craftsmanship available from an automaker, and the team at the British Garage wants you to know how to take care of your Land Rover’s interior.

Park Wisely

One of the easiest methods for protecting your vehicle’s interior from sun damage is to park in the shade whenever possible. If you have a shaded driveway or enclosed garage or carport, this should be easy while you’re home, but if you’re out running errands or visiting with friends or family, you may need to be a bit selective with your parking.

Shady parking spots may be popular choices, and you may have trouble finding an available shady parking space. Also, the sun’s orientation over the landscape will change throughout the day, so keep this in mind when choosing a parking spot you’ll be using for a while. It may only remain shady for another hour or so, depending on the direction of the sun.

Buy a Windshield Shade

Windshield sun protectors are popular choices among San Diego drivers. While most people purchase these devices to keep their cars’ interiors cooler in the summer heat, they provide the added benefit of protecting the car’s interior upholstery from sun damage. However, keep in mind that these devices only block sunlight coming through the windshield, so you might need retractable shades for your vehicle’s door windows

These are just a couple of simple ways you can protect the investment you’ve made into your Land Rover. At the British Garage, we believe that Land Rovers and other British-manufactured vehicles are exceptional and deserve exceptional care and maintenance. If you need mechanical repairs on your Land Rover, Aston Martin, or other British vehicle, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics.

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