Importance of Flushing Transmission Fluid

There are several components of your luxury vehicle that require regular maintenance to ensure that it is operating at its very best. This can include oil changes, wiper replacement, brake checks, tire inspections, and the list goes on and on. One important item on that list that can often be overlooked is flushing the transmission fluid of your luxury vehicle periodically.

What Transmission Fluid Does

Your transmission system relies on transmission fluid to regulate temperature and keep all parts of the system moving together without any harmful friction. Since your transmission fluid is responsible for regulating temperature, it can start to break down over time. This can cause it to burn, and if you wait too long to have your fluid replaced, your transmission will begin to deteriorate from the inside out. Replacing a transmission can be extremely costly, especially in a luxury vehicle. The best way to avoid an expensive repair is through regular transmission fluid flushing.

The British Garage Difference

When you bring your luxury vehicle to The British Garage, we can provide a complete transmission fluid flush. We use a pressurized vacuum method that provides the most efficient, cleanest method of cleaning out your transmission fluid. Our pressurized vacuum method allows us to exchange all 15 quarts of fluid, not the 5 quarts that would be exchanged during a regular factory service.

Let the Professionals Help

At British Garage, we are committed to providing our clients with all the services they need to support the long life of their luxury vehicles. Our experienced technicians can inspect the quality of your existing transmission fluid. They can best determine if and when a full flush is ideal for your vehicle. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. 


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