Importance of Premium Gas in Luxury Vehicles

By now, you know if you own a luxury vehicle, you should be filling up your tank with premium-level gas. As the gas prices continue to rise in the county, many may be wondering, do I really have to stick to the higher-grade gas? The answer is yes.

Different Types of Gas

Different gas is required for different vehicles depending on the type of engine the vehicle has. The gas type is determined by levels of octane. Regular gas is the lowest level, mid-grade gas is the medium level, and premium gas has the highest grade of octane.

Why Luxury Vehicles Require a Higher Grade of Gas

The levels of octane in gas impact how the engine burns fuel when it runs. Standard engines require lower levels of octane, whereas high-performance engines require higher levels. The higher-grade gas allows these vehicles to function at higher fuel efficiency and maximize their speed and performance.

The Effects of the Wrong Type of Fuel

Your engine will not run as efficiently as it is designed to do if it does not have the proper type of gas in it. Not only could using a lower-grade gas in your luxury vehicle for an extended period of time cause wear on the engine, but it could also lead to more maintenance and repairs. This could eventually void your warranty. Also, when filling up, remember to never put diesel into a gasoline engine. Diesel in gasoline engines can cause catastrophic failure in a very short amount of time.

Stick to using the kind of gas your car’s engine needs. Even though it may be tempting to put a lower grade in, it can cause damage and will eventually create even more expensive problems.

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