Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Inflated fuel prices have everyone considering ways to reduce their fuel consumption. Since reducing the number of miles you drive may not be possible, improving fuel efficiency is a method to reduce your overall fuel use.

Keep a Steady Speed Within the Speed Limit

A car will begin to lose fuel efficiency after reaching 45-50 mph, with the effects increasing the more your speed increases. Set your speed within the speed limit and use your cruise control for consistency. Avoiding rapid acceleration and hard braking will also increase fuel efficiency.

Use Air Conditioning Appropriately

Rolling your windows down while traveling on the interstate can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 10%. Choose the AC instead of the windows when traveling faster than 40 mph. Comparatively, the aerodynamic effect is negligible while driving below 40 mph. This, in addition to the extra work your engine performs to run the AC, means you should roll your windows down instead of using the air conditioning while driving in town.

Remove Extra Weight 

Keeping your car clean and free of clutter can increase fuel efficiency. Just 100 pounds of additional weight can increase fuel consumption by 1-2%, with compounding effects above 100 pounds.

Check Tire Pressure

Underinflated tires can increase fuel consumption by as much as 3%. Ensure your tires are inflated to where they need to be.

Additionally, narrower tires are more aerodynamic and may provide better fuel economy. A professional can help you determine if this change is safe for your vehicle.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Vehicles are complex machines that require regular maintenance. Having your car serviced to replace dirty air filters or repair faulty parts can make a significant difference in your fuel mileage. Fuel economy can be improved by up to 4% following the average tune-up.

Increasing your fuel efficiency through these methods may not be the simplest task you undertake, but they can significantly reduce your monthly fuel costs. At The British Garage, we can help you better understand and implement changes like these to improve your fuel mileage. Contact us today.


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