Is Wildfire Damage Covered by My Car Insurance?

As wildfires become increasingly prevalent in California, it’s crucial to understand whether your car insurance provides coverage for potential damages resulting from these natural disasters.

Understanding Comprehensive Coverage

If you have a comprehensive coverage plan, chances are you’re protected. These plans typically encompass damages to your vehicle caused by factors other than collisions. Commonly covered incidents include theft, vandalism, fire, natural calamities, falling objects, damage inflicted by animals, and civil disturbances. Most standard car insurance policies include comprehensive coverage as a fundamental component.

Wildfire-Induced Fire Damage

It’s essential to recognize that wildfires can cause damage over considerable distances from their origin, including exterior harm to vehicles and homes. Fallen wet ash, for instance, can lead to scratches on paint surfaces. Should your car accumulate ash, refrain from wiping it off, as this could exacerbate cosmetic damage. Instead, opt for rinsing it with water and employing a soft car sponge or towel, starting from the top and working downward while washing. Continuously add water during the cleaning process to eliminate any debris effectively. Immediately after washing and rinsing, dry your vehicle to prevent further ash or debris accumulation.

Preventing Fire Damage

The most effective preventive measure against fire damage is storing your car in a garage. In the absence of a garage, using a car cover offers some degree of protection. Additionally, waxing your car provides an extra layer of defense. Consider applying a protectant to further safeguard your vehicle. Always ensure that your windows and sunroof are closed to prevent ash infiltration into the vehicle interior.

Consult your car insurance or home insurance provider today to ascertain your coverage status. Should you require restoration assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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