Keep Your Car Cool This Summer With These Tips

As the temperatures heat up once again, many car owners in the San Diego area will be looking for ways to keep their cars cool during the warmest season of the year. Try these tips to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable despite the summer weather.


Shield Windows From the Sun

Closed vehicles trap heat and cause the temperature inside them to rise substantially. Limiting the heat transferring through your car’s windows from the sun’s rays can help you keep your car cool this season, which can make it more comfortable for you and your passengers to return to after it’s been parked outside for the day. Here are some ways you can limit the sun’s ability to transfer heat into your car:


  • Use sun shade panels. Using sun shades for the front and side windows can effectively limit the sun’s heat in your vehicle and help it maintain a lower temperature when you park outside. This can also help your vehicle cool down at a faster rate when you start it up.
  • Have tinted windows installed. While tinted windows may be a costly option, they are a highly effective means of blocking the sun’s harshest rays. However, be sure you understand California’s laws and regulations prior to taking your car in to have its windows tinted, as many states have placed limitations on the degree of tints on windows.
  • Park in the shade. If you don’t have sun shade panels or tinted windows, parking in a shady area is one of the best means of keeping your car cool this summer. Look for a shady spot or one where the sun will be facing the back window rather than the windshield area. This can help keep your car’s front seats and steering wheel remain somewhat cooler.
  • Crack your windows slightly. Since windows trap warm air inside your car, leaving them slightly open when parked will allow a bit of air to flow between your car’s interior and the outside environment. However, only leave your windows open less than an inch to help protect against theft.
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