Land Rover Warning Lights

Land Rovers are full of technology that makes driving one a spectacular experience. If something was to go wrong while driving a Land Rover, though, it’s important to understand what the warning lights are communicating to you.

Color Codes

Land Rover warning lights are color-coded to indicate the severity of the warning. They can be thought of similarly to a traffic light:

  • Green. These lights are advisory. It generally means a Land Rover feature is active and is nothing to be concerned with.
  • Yellow. These lights indicate that you need to visit a service center. The issue is not an emergency, but ignoring this warning can result in problems and potentially costly repairs later.
  • Red. These lights indicate an emergency. You should pull over and stop as soon as it is safe to do so. Then, get in touch with a Land Rover dealer near your location before moving your vehicle. 

Warning Light Depictions

Warning lights are important safety features on a Land Rover. The common warning lights are covered here, but a more thorough explanation for each potential warning light is found in your vehicle’s manual:

  • Green headlight. This indicates your lights are set to automatic. Your high beams will automatically come on in low light and shut off when the light increases or there are other drivers in your field of view.
  • Triangle with an exclamation mark. This is a general warning message, meaning your Land Rover has an important update. A red warning is urgent, and a yellow warning should be dealt with relatively soon. A service center can offer more insight into the exact cause of the light.
  • ASL. This is the automatic speed limiter indicator. While this is set, your vehicle’s speed will accelerate normally until it gets to the speed limiter.
  • Snowflake. This indicates you should use caution while driving, as the temperatures are at or below freezing
  • Red thermometer. This indicates the powertrain is overheating and should be addressed immediately to give the engine time to cool.

Speak With the Professionals

Your Land Rover is important to you, so warning lights appearing on your dash can be scary. Whenever you’re concerned about your vehicle, consult with the professionals at The British Garage to put your mind at ease. We can quickly identify what the light means and fix the issue.


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