Land Rover Winter Driving Tips

Whether snow is your natural habitat or you enjoy mountain getaways in the winter months, the Land Rover is an ideal car for all your frigid expeditions. With its 4-wheel drive and incredible handling, Land Rovers are designed to get you off the beaten path and ignite your sense of adventure. Even so, it’s best to understand some basic tips and tricks before we head into winter (or you head to the slopes).

Stock Up

Before heading anywhere with snow and ice, make sure to stock your car with a few essentials in case of an emergency. If you don’t already have one, buy an ice scraper to make sure your lines of vision stay clear. Fill your backseat with blankets, a flashlight, a first aid kit, tow ropes, jumper cables, and some snacks in case you get stuck and have to wait for help

Watch Your Traction and Brakes

Cold and snowy areas require a different sense of physics than warmer climes. When driving on an icy road, use consistent momentum, and try not to brake suddenly or too hard. If the tires start to skid, ease off the gas until the car feels steadier, but don’t let it stop. If you do, it may be difficult to get started again. In a pinch, a car’s mats can be removed and used to gain traction on the road. Fortunately, new Land Rover models have a trademarked feature called Terrain Response that will help.

Make Sure Your Land Rover Is Ready

Most importantly, bring your Land Rover to your trusted mechanic for a proper tune-up and tire inflation. British Garage specializes in Land Rover maintenance and can give you a warranty-backed inspection to ensure that this winter is a safe one. Don’t trust your most special car to just any mechanic. Call us today.

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