Learn These 5 Interesting Facts About Land Rover

The Land Rover brand is associated with longevity and success among car manufacturers. The
company has been around for over half a century and has some interesting tales and facts you
might not necessarily know about. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most interesting
facts regarding the Land Rover company and its line of vehicles.

Land Rovers Existed Before the Company

Land Rovers have been around since 1948, when brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks built the
first Land Rover as an agricultural vehicle based on the US military’s 4×4 Jeep. Maurice was the
designer of the Rover company. These vehicles were simply known as Rovers as well and were
more associated with post-World War II utility vehicles. The actual Land Rover company did not
exist until 1978.

The First Rovers Had Central Steering Wheels

When Maurice first developed the Land Rover as an agricultural vehicle, he wanted to integrate
some tractor designs and ideas to make it easier for farmers to use. Additionally, he desired to
solve the issue of creating two different vehicles for left and right-hand user markets. As a result,
the first version of the Land Rover featured a steering wheel right in the middle of the dashboard.

Land Rover Created the First Monster Truck

During the 1950s, the British Forestry Commission requested a vehicle that could travel through
the toughest and deepest mud puddles in marshy environments. Rover came up with a specific
vehicle that included four large tractor tires and strong Studebaker axles. This vehicle closely
resembles the monster truck designs that would gain popularity 30 years after its creation, with
some people alleging that Land Rover first created that type of vehicle.

The Range Rover Prototype Remained the Same

When the prototype of the first Range Rover initially emerged in 1966, the manufacturers
changed very little between that stage and mass production. This is a rare occurrence in the car
industry. In fact, the Range Rover design was so popular, the Louvre featured it in an exhibition
as a masterpiece of industrial design.

Land Rover Sponsored a College Expedition

Starting in 1956, seeing a PR opportunity, Land Rover provided vehicles to Oxford and
Cambridge students to drive through continents, specifically from London to Singapore. This
competition event between college students become known as the Oxford and Cambridge Far
Eastern Expedition.

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