How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

Road Trip Checklist - Getting Your Car Ready

With the school year ending soon and the temperatures continuously climbing, many San Diego residents may find themselves dreaming about their next vacation. But before embarking on your next road trip, be sure to give your car a detailed check-up to ensure it’s in good condition. Here are several things you should check before hitting the road:

  • Focus on your car’s exterior elements to begin your pre-vacation car check.
  • Examine the tires. Make a point to look at each tire and its tread for any signs of wear.
  • Look at your exterior lights. With the help of a friend or relative, make sure to test each one of your car’s exterior lights.
  • Examine your brake pads. If you have not already had your brake system professionally examined this year, consider doing so before your upcoming trip. You can check your brake pads for any indication of wear you can see behind the tire, but a professional exam is always the best means of ensuring your brakes are in good shape.

Check Under Your Hood

Check hoses and belts. Your vehicle’s hoses and belts are important features in your car, so be sure to examine them to determine if they seem loose or look cracked. If you notice signs of leaks, overheating, or smell anti-freeze, your car’s cooling system might require repairs. Take your car to an expert mechanic to make sure your cooling system is working for your next lengthy drive.

Check fluids and examine your car’s filters. Your car’s air filter keep dirt and other debris from infiltrating your engine, which can easily clog them. If they need replacements, take the proper steps to do so prior to your trip. Also, take a look at the levels of your engine oil, power steering, and brake fluids and refill them if necessary.

Check your car’s battery to ensure it is clean and its connections are fully secure. If you aren’t familiar with how to check your battery, you might want to take it into a professional who can conduct a comprehensive examination before your vacation.

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