Protect Your Car from the Sun with These 5 Tips

As temperatures begin to rise in the San Diego area, many car owners are ready to hit the road and spend time in the sun. However, sun and heat can take a serious toll on your car. All car owners in the San Diego area should know how to protect their car this season. Here are five pointers you can take to protect your car from needless damage.


  1. Park in the shade whenever you can. Direct sunlight can dry out your car’s dash board and cause it to split. Parking in shaded areas or in a parking structure are two easy ways to ensure your car is safe from the sun when it is going to be sitting out for an extended period of time.


  1. If you do not have a sun protector panel on your windshield, consider making an investment this season. A protective shield can make sure your car stays cool during the periods it’s not in use. Shields can also prevent sun damage from affecting the interior of your car. Though it might seem like a nuisance to put these panels on every time you leave your car, spending the extra minute to do so can help you prevent costly damage. It is well worth the effort in the long run.  


  1. The sun can eat away at your car’s paint and cause it to fade over time. The good news is you can add a layer of protection between your car and ultra-violet rays by waxing it this spring. Waxing your vehicle on a regular basis will greatly reduce the effects of exposure.


  1. Heat from sunlight can inflict major damage on leather seats. If you have leather seating in your car, keep its interior clean and use conditioner on your upholstery. This will help you deter cracks from emerging in your seats.  


  1. Warm temperatures means warm roadways, which creates dangerous driving conditions when your car’s tires are under-inflated. This can result in your tires blowing out, so be sure to check your tire pressure regularly. Take the time to match your car’s tire pressure with the manufacturer’s specification.



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