Protect Your Luxury Car From Weather Damage

Weather, such as heavy rain, snow, or even intense sunlight, can cause problems for any car, especially a luxury vehicle. No matter what weather problems you’re facing, it’s important to keep your car protected. Here are a few tips to minimize weather effects on your luxury car.

Sunlight and Heat

Too much sun can be bad. From the inside of your car heating up to dangerous and damaging levels, causing the paint to fade away, and everything in between, you should protect your luxury vehicle from the sun. These measures include tinted windows, ensuring your car is waxed, and parking it where there’s shade. It’s also important to protect the interior from heat damage by leaving your windows open a bit for ventilation and washing your seats with the correct type of soap.


Be careful about driving on roads with a lot of storm debris, such as branches or mud, which can damage your tires or create a splattering mess. Make sure your windows are rolled up before the rain starts and give your car a rinse or take it to a carwash after the storm passes. The rain can leave behind a lot of damaging sediment on your car.

Snow, Ice, and Cold

San Diego doesn’t get a lot of snow, but if you’re taking your luxury vehicle through the mountains this winter, you should know how to protect it from winter damage. Make sure your tires are full, as the cold can cause them to deflate. Your car’s battery might not start properly, and for an electric vehicle, it can take longer to charge while offering you less usage in the long run. Lastly, ensure your car defrosts properly, has working wipers, and the lights are visible and reliable before trying to drive on a dark, snowy night.

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