Reasons to Have a Specialist Service Your Rolls Royce

If you own a Rolls Royce, it is important to have someone work on your car that has knowledge and experience with luxury vehicles.  Consider not only the care your car receives but the customer service the facility offers while you wait for your car.  If you aren’t comfortable having your car serviced at a shop, then it could cause additional repairs, not to mention anxiety that the technicians aren’t specialized in working on a Rolls Royce.


Someone who knows about your specific car should work on it.  Ask plenty of questions until you feel comfortable that they know enough about your car to do the service and repairs it needs. 


At British Garage, our service experts have the training and skills to work on your Rolls Royce.  We specialize only in British vehicles and offer factory-trained technicians that all have more than ten years of experience. 


A shop with expert technicians should also have the specialized equipment needed to service your vehicle.


Your Rolls Royce may need select parts when it is serviced.  A qualified specialist will not only know what parts to get, but they should have no problem getting the factory-approved parts. 

Customer Service

When you walk into a garage with questions about your Rolls Royce in the San Diego, CA, area, you should be treated well.  Consider if the garage offers transportation, or if you need to sit and wait for your vehicle.  Do you want upfront pricing for the services you need?  Most importantly, are you made to feel comfortable with the environment?  These are all concerns you should have when you take your vehicle in to have anything from an oil change to major repairs done on your Rolls Royce. 

British Garage will happily accommodate your questions and needs to keep living your busy life while you have your vehicle services.  We offer shuttle services and car rentals if you want to drop off your vehicle and have transportation until you pick it up.  We are also happy to discuss pricing and offer consultations for those who wish to have a potential purchase inspected!

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