Seasonal Changes for Luxury Car Owners

Once summer ends, you may use your car more often for various reasons, such as school drop-offs, weekend events, and city excursions, and a regular work commute. Use these tips to keep your vehicle ready whenever needed, even as the seasons shift. 

Top Off Fluid Regularly

Fluids are essential for the smooth and safe operation of your car. Underhood fluids, including coolant, engine oil, and brake fluid, can be easily checked. The vehicle’s undercarriage is also home to units such as the differential and the transfer case. You can check these fluids yourself if you have the right tools, but it is often safer and easier to have the levels checked by a professional. 

Perform Tire Pressure Checks

Tire pressure checks don’t take long, but they are crucial. They impact your vehicle’s braking ability, the overall safety of the car, and the way the car handles when you drive it. Use a dedicated gauge to check the pressure, and also be sure to inspect the tread on the tires themselves. The tread is located at three points: the outer, the center, and the inner, and if any tread is below 2-4/32,” then it is essential to get new tires. 

Ensure Lights Function in Dusk and Dark

As seasons change, darkness descends earlier. In fall and winter, you can expect to do much more driving in the dark, so make sure none of your bulbs have burnt out without you realizing. You can replace bulbs on your own using your car manual, but if you have multiple burnouts or other issues to address, you may want to ask a professional to do it. 

Regular Maintenance for Your Luxury Car

Preparing your car for each season is time-consuming and requires a skilled hand. The British Garage can ensure your luxury vehicle is ready for weather, time, and any other seasonal changes it will encounter so you can enjoy it safely whenever you wish to do so. Contact us today.

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