Stay Clear of These 4 Auto-Maintenance Myths

The maintenance of your Land Rover is critical, particularly when it comes to smaller defects or
issues. Any small problem can escalate into a larger one that can cost you the vehicle. At the
same time, when seeking advice for repair or maintenance, there are some persistent myths that
can misdirect you into making decisions that are harmful to your vehicle. Learn more about these
misconceptions so you can ignore them.

Premium Gas Improves Car Performance

Investing in the level of octane recommended by the manual is a good tactic. However, paying
higher prices for premium gas will not affect the car in any significant way. Premium gas only
benefits vehicles with high-performance or turbo-charged engines. Remain close to what the
manual says to avoid additional expenses for no results.

Warming a Cold Car Is Necessary

There is a persistent myth that warming up an idle car is necessary for better function. The
engine does need to warm up to function better, but you can accomplish that just by driving the
vehicle. A moving vehicle encourages the transmission and wheel bearings to warm up
completely. The only benefit of warming a stationary car is to keep yourself warm against the
cold temperature.

Home Repairs Are the Same as a Repair Shop’s

There are certain auto maintenance tasks that you can accomplish on your own, such as a change
of tire or fluid replacement. If you lack any formal expertise in car repair, however, you are at
risk of permanently damaging the vehicle and even injuring yourself. Professional repair shops
employ trained technicians who will fix your vehicle with the right tools and knowledge. This is
specifically true with foreign vehicles like Land Rovers, that need specialized repair shops.

Foreign Cars Are More Expensive

People see foreign cars such as Land Rovers as inherently more expensive than domestic cars.
However, this isn’t always the case. Foreign luxury cars usually offer free maintenance for a few
months after purchase. Sometimes, they also include warning systems more advanced than
domestic cars, which can lead to quicker problem detection. Perform research and compare the
costs of specific foreign and domestic car repairs.

Keep your Land Rover in excellent condition by scheduling maintenance checks and repairs with
the specialists at The British Garage in San Diego, California.

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