Summer Car Wash Tips

Summer is approaching fast, and more days of warmth and more time to spend outside are coming with it. Whether you’ll be taking your car out for a day cruise in the cool ocean breeze or enjoying what the San Diego nightlife scene has to offer, you’ll want to keep your luxury car clean and looking its best. Here are some tips on how to clean your luxury cars and restore their shine for the summer.

Use the Right Products

While dish soaps and hand washes may seem like a decent option, they’re not designed to be used on cars. Don’t risk washing off your wax job or chipping the paint. Find a good car shampoo or another car-specific soap. You’ll also want to use the right window cleaner, washing tools, and drying towels. Read what the products do ahead of time, and make sure they’re the right use-case for what your car needs.

Keep It Protected

Now that it’s clean, you’ll want to keep it that way. Make sure the car is polished off and buffed, perhaps using clay, and replace the wax if necessary. Look ahead and make sure you’re using the proper product for your car, as the wrong polish can cause more harm than good.

Clean the Inside

You may think that once your car is clean on the outside, you’re done. However, the inside is what you actually use, and it should be cleaned out, too. Use a vacuum to clean dirt and dust, detergent for the pedals, and even shampoo to wash fabric car seats. The right products can make all the difference, so do your research.

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