Summertime Car Problems

Summer drives in a luxury car can be exhilarating, but they come with their own set of challenges. Here are common summertime car problems to watch out for before hitting the road.


Extended exposure to sunlight can cause your car to overheat, including both the exterior metal and interior components. To prevent this:
– Park in shaded areas whenever possible.
– Crack open windows to release hot air buildup inside the car.

Smelly Interior

High temperatures can foster the growth of mildew and bacteria, especially in damp areas like after a trip from the pool. To combat this:
– Ensure wet items are thoroughly dried before placing them in the car.
– Regularly clean and ventilate the interior to maintain freshness.

Damaged Battery

Hot weather accelerates battery fluid evaporation and increases energy demands, which can lead to battery failure:
– Ensure your battery is well-maintained and properly insulated against heat.
– For electric cars, monitor charging in hot conditions to prevent battery damage.

Tire Problems

Summer heat causes tire pressure to rise, potentially leading to over-inflation and tire blowouts:
– Check tire pressure regularly, especially after temperature fluctuations.
– Ensure tires are properly inflated based on manufacturer recommendations.

Luxury Car Maintenance

For inspections or repairs due to summer-related issues, trust British Garage’s expertise in luxury car care. Contact us today to keep your luxury vehicle in optimal condition throughout the summer.

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