Thanksgiving Driving Safety Tips All Drivers Should Know

A drive to see family and friends during Thanksgiving includes looking out for a host of different safety concerns while behind the wheel. Before you embark on your holiday journey, take a look at the following Thanksgiving driving safety tips to ensure your safety and security this season.


Fill Your Gas Tank All The Way Up

Refrain from leaving on your trip without completely filling your car’s gas tank. You should also make sure to check your tire pressure and fluid levels before a long trip.


Get Safety Supplies Ready


Make a point to pack safety equipment and supplies that can assist in the event of a medical problem or an unexpected emergency. Include essential items such as a flashlight, first aid kit, road flares, blankets, bottled waters, and snacks.


Pack Effectively


Double-check your car’s load capacity to ensure you don’t accidentally pack too much weight in the car. For most newer cars, the maximum weight you can expect the vehicle to carry is written on a sticker in the driver’s door jam. You should also be sure all of your luggage is packed securely and will not present a safety hazard if you have to break abruptly.


Map Your Trip With GPS Applications


Using a portable GPS navigation system to assist you when traveling to a destination for the first time will make your Thanksgiving trip far less stressful. GPS systems offer a host of conveniences that simplify the process of locating gas stations, lodging, and places to eat while you’re on the road. Many GPS systems and applications often include features that can provide traffic alerts, which can help you avoid running into traffic jams and offer alternative routes in the case of an unforeseen accident or traffic delay.


Eliminate Distractions


Do not text or make phone calls while you are driving. If you really need to use your phone, have a passenger take the call for you or pull over to a safe area to use your phone if you’re traveling alone.

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