The Best Way to Repair Paint Damage to Your Land Rover

Despite your best efforts to take care of your Land Rover’s exterior, you can never account for the unexpected. Some things can happen that damage the paint on your vehicle’s exterior, such as debris from the road, chemical corrosion, scratches from passing bikes and vehicles, or accidental door openings into signposts and trees.

At the British Garage of San Diego, we offer a full range of specialty mechanic services for Land Rovers and other British-made vehicles. We want our customers to know the best ways to care for their vehicles. If you recently noticed a scuff or scratch on your vehicle’s paint, you may be able to fix it yourself, but if you need professional assistance, you should let us know as soon as possible.

Use Official Land Rover Paint

Later model Land Rovers will have their paint color code printed on a sticker inside the driver door jamb. On older Land Rovers, these paint color codes are printed under the hood on the radiator support structure. Once you locate your vehicle’s paint color code, you’ll be able to purchase the correct paint to match your vehicle’s finish.

It’s important to remember that Land Rover changes their paint naming conventions occasionally, and the code is the most important thing when buying your touch-up paint. Don’t worry if the color’s name is different. As long as the code matches the one printed on your vehicle, that’s the right paint.

Clean and Prepare

Before applying any touch-up paint to your vehicle’s scuffs and scratches, make sure the area is completely clean and free of dust, dirt, debris, and rust especially. Once the area is clean, you may want to place masking tape around the damaged paint, so protect the surrounding paint.

Apply Multiple Coats and a Clear Coat Finish

It’s best to apply your paint in several thin coats until the depth of the paint matches the surrounding undamaged paint. This can take quite a while, but if you’re patient, the results will be worth the effort. Finish your paint repair with a Clear coat seal to ensure the repair job lasts.

This guide may help you with minor scrapes and scratches on your Land Rover, but if your vehicle has extensive exterior damage and mechanical issues, you need professional specialty service. Contact the British Garage today to schedule an appointment for your Land Rover repairs.

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