The History of The Mini Cooper

In the 1950s, the roads were wide open, and American cars were large in their design. However, in Europe, the streets were narrow, and the cars were more compact. By 1960, America was ready to try something new — the Mini Cooper.

The Seven Year Stretch

For seven years, from 1960 until 1967, Americans enjoyed the unique design and performance of the Mini Cooper. This vehicle was capable of performing like a race car but with enough room for transporting the family. By 1968, American safety policies and emission requirements put a nail in the Mini Cooper’s coffin, at least in America. 

Rebirth of a Classic

The Mini Cooper’s popularity continued in Europe, and many American Mini Cooper owners remained loyal as well. When new Minis were no longer available in The United States, some Americans brought them across the border from Canada. Others managed to cobble together various car parts to keep their own older model Mini Coopers on the road.

But in 2002, many Americans celebrated as they welcomed back the Mini Cooper. Since then, America’s love for this tiny car has only grown stronger. Currently, Minis are winning awards and also being taken back out onto the track and raced.

Mini Coopers Driving Friendship Forward

Mini Cooper owners often seem to feel an automatic connection with other Mini Cooper owners. You may notice that it’s common for two drivers in Minis to wave as they are passing by each other. Today’s Mini Cooper owners also love to get together and share in some fun times. These owners are forming and joining car clubs where they can connect with others who also share their same affection for the Mini Cooper.

Taking Care of Your Mini Cooper

As a Mini Cooper owner, you understand just how important it is to maintain your car’s peak performance capabilities. Regular servicing maintenance is something you wouldn’t want to neglect. At The British Garage, our service professionals love the Mini Cooper as much as you do. Contact us today. 

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