Tips for Making Your Vehicle Kid-Friendly

No matter where you go with kids, it is important to have them safe in your vehicle.  Car seats, food, toys, and spilled drinks may end up cluttering the backseat of your luxury vehicle quickly!  Kids are great at many things, including messes!  There are a few things you can do to keep your vehicle looking nice, while your kids still have tons of safe fun.

Stay Organized

A backseat organizer is a fantastic way to surprise children with toys, snacks, and activities to keep them busy.  Consider putting an organizer in that has a place for baby wipes, so your kids can wash their hands.  Also, some organizers come with a hanger for a trash bag, or you can put something for trash on the floorboard.  Kids are more likely to use a trash can when they see one.  If you make it their trash can and their organizer, then they will start to take pride in keeping everything cleaner!

Provide the Entertainment

Most people don’t want kids on screens all the time.  There are healthier ways to keep them occupied in the back seat while you drive.  A stack of travel games, books, and a portable coloring desk is a wonderful way to give them something that will occupy them while you focus on the road.

Food and Drinks

If you can stop eating and drinking, it is ideal for keeping your car protected.  If you are on a long journey and you can’t stop, consider investing in a mat for your backseat and floorboards.  Then if there is a spill, your seats are covered.


Sometimes a tantrum happens!  This is just part of having children.  Make it a habit to pull off the road if your child is inconsolable while you drive.  Losing focus while you have someone that is loud in the car can be a dangerous situation.  It is better to be in a safe place and calm the situation down.

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