Top Tips to Maintain Your Aston Martin

An Aston Martin is a high-performance luxury vehicle that requires high-quality care.  If you want to make sure your car has the best care available, consider having our shop inspect it and bring it in for regular service checks at British Garage in San Diego, CA.

  1. Make sure you hire specialists with experience, the right tools, and knowledge of specialty parts to work on your Aston Martin.  One of the worst mistakes the owner of a luxury vehicle can make is in the lack of care and service of the car once they own it.  Many times, a lack of attention maybe because they can’t find anyone trustworthy or with enough knowledge to work on the vehicle.  To make sure the car retains its value, an Aston Martin should have well-scheduled care and maintenance.
  2. Protecting your Aston Martin is essential.  Consider keeping your vehicle parked in a garage or find covered parking when you are away from your home.  Don’t let anyone smoke, drink, or eat in your car, to avoid stains, odors, and other damage. 
  3. Have your tires checked regularly so that your gas mileage stays average, and the suspension is in top condition.  If you have tires that aren’t wearing evenly, consider having them rotated, balanced, or aligned. 
  4. Keep up on routine maintenance for your Aston Martin.  Routine maintenance includes regular inspections, tune-ups, and oil changes.  Your specific vehicle will have a schedule based on miles and time for servicing your Aston Martin.
  5. If you think you may have a problem because of decreased performance, a noise under the hood, or an odor coming from the vehicle.  Get it checked by a qualified professional as soon as possible. 

If you are in California, consider having your Aston Martin serviced at British Garage this fall so that you know it is in great shape all year.  If you plan to store it during the cooler months, we can inspect it once it is done being garaged to make sure it is ready to drive in the summer. 

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