The Impact of Sunlight on Cars

At The British Garage, we highlight the detrimental effects of sunlight on vehicles, particularly in sunny locales like San Diego, shedding light on the potential damage and offering preventive measures.

Exterior Ailments

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to paint chipping and color fading, particularly noticeable on luxury vehicles, diminishing their aesthetic appeal and resale value.

Interior Deterioration

Elevated temperatures within the car can cause the dashboard and upholstery to suffer, manifesting in faded surfaces, cracks, and splits, compromising both appearance and comfort.

Protective Measures

To mitigate sun-related damage, consider parking in shaded areas, utilizing windshield sun protectors, and cracking windows slightly for ventilation. Installing seat covers, maintaining cleanliness, and regular waxing can further safeguard your vehicle’s condition.

Mitigating Risks

Be cautious of internal pressure buildup on hot days, which may lead to window breakage. Ensuring adequate ventilation is crucial to prevent such incidents.

Expert Solutions

For luxury car owners facing sun-induced wear or other automotive issues, The British Garage offers specialized repair services. Contact us today for tailored solutions to preserve your vehicle’s performance and aesthetics.

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