Washing Your Luxury Car

Cleaning a luxury car can be a labor of love, but it can also require more skill and finesse than initially meets the eye. Luxury vehicles exposed to adverse weather, such as heavy rain, hail, or extremely dry, dusty conditions, need extra TLC to be functional and attractive.

Schedule Your Wash Ahead of Time

When you choose to wash your car, select a day when you have time to inspect the vehicle and leave it in an excellent, shaded spot. If you have a garage with drainage and climate control, this is also a favorable environment. 

Materials for an At-Home Wash

If you are washing the car at home, you will need the right supplies:

  • Wash mitt or microfiber cloth
  • Buckets for soapy water and rinse water
  • Gentle window and tire cleaner (ammonia and acid-free)
  • Car wash soap 
  • A vacuum cleaner with various attachments
  • Upholstery wipes or wash
  • Hose, power washer, or sink for water supply

Wash the Exterior Thoroughly

Work your way down from the top with sponges or a foam blaster. For bucket cleaning, you’ll need three to ensure enough clean water after soaping your car. Clean the sponge thoroughly after each scrub. The tires and wheel wells will have the most grime, so save them for last. Even the tires should be scrubbed so the dirt between treads can be washed away. 

Give a Healthy Rinse

Once you’ve washed all the surfaces, it’s time to rinse everything off. Use as much water as you need to ensure all traces of soap are gone. Then, take your microfiber cloth and towel off extra moisture from the outside. Keep wiping until all the water is gone. Use multiple microfiber cloths if needed because you do not want any residue, spotting, or smudging to remain after the wash. 

Let Us Provide Your Car Wash

We are dedicated to making your luxury car its cleanest, inside and out. Contact us at British Garage to schedule your next cleaning.

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