What Makes a Car “Luxury”

At The British Garage, we specialize in working with luxury cars. However, sometimes the line between “normal” and “luxury” can be hard to draw and define. Here are a few factors that make it more likely for a car to be considered a luxury make or brand.


Luxury cars tend to use higher-quality materials and modern components, which can increase the price. Additionally, many luxury car owners see their cars as a status symbol, and this can only happen if luxury cars are more expensive. So, if a car costs about $35,000-$40,000 minimum, it’s probably a luxury vehicle.


Luxury cars are designed to be more comfortable than regular cars. From the seats to the sound system and how they drive, comfort is a high priority when making a luxury car. This goes back to the higher quality of the materials used.


Any car can be safe, but luxury cars are safer than average simply because they’re built to be stronger. You have more safety features, and those safety features work better. This doesn’t mean they can’t be damaged in an accident, but you’re likelier to make it out with minor injuries.


Luxury cars tend to look like they’re luxury cars. They’re elegant, sleek, attractive, and stylish — they’re built to make people notice them. Any car can be good-looking if you treat it right, but luxury cars are simply built to look better.


Not all electric and hybrid cars are luxury, but many fall into the above categories. Environmental safety is something many people care about, which means that a lot of hybrids and electric cars are coveted and highly-priced.

Luxury Car Repair Services

If you have a luxury car, it’s not always easy for a regular mechanic to fix the problem. That’s where The British Garage comes in. We’ll take care of any damage your luxury car has so that you can continue to drive in comfort, safety, and style. Contact us today.

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