What You Should Know About Hybrid Maintenance

Your hybrid car needs love and attention just like any other vehicle. While overall, the long-term maintenance costs are similar to any internal combustion engine vehicle, the repairs to expect can be slightly different. Making sure that you know what to expect as you’re starting off as a hybrid owner will help you know what to look for and communicate with your mechanic better.

Oil Change

Surprisingly one of the big changes from a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle to a hybrid vehicle is that engine oil often does not need to be changed as frequently because the combustion engine is being used much less frequently due to that electric engine taking over with frequency. Check in your user manual to see how frequently your specific vehicle is going to need oil changes.

Brake Pads

Similarly, because of the regenerative braking system, brake pads will take dramatically less wear as they transfer energy to the dynamo that powers the battery. While dramatic stops will tax the system just like any other vehicle, your traditional wear and tear will be much less as the system is recapturing that energy.


Now all the energy that the regenerative braking system is capturing still gives off quite a lot of heat that is still going into the total system of the vehicle. This means that you’ll need to be more vigilant about replacements of your cooling hoses, clamps in regenerative braking system, and pipes associated with heat handling, which are going to get a more thorough workout. Also, because of the increased importance of the cooling system in handling the heat on the battery, regenerative braking, and other systems, the condition of your air filter is going to matter quite a lot as well and will need to be changed more regularly.


Most people worry about their battery going out; however, this usually isn’t as big of a deal as people think. Most manufacturers have warranties on their batteries that cover battery replacement when it happens. However, whenever the car is put in for maintenance, you should still make sure your mechanic checks the electrical connections between the battery and the rest of the car, as with a bigger battery, chances of a short can be more dramatic.

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