Why Should You Choose an Independently-Owned Garage

One of the dilemmas drivers face when they need repairs is whether they should choose a corporate garage, or go with a local, independently-owned shop. The most important factor to most car owners is that they choose a garage that is reputable and trustworthy, and that they won’t be overcharged for services that keep them on the road. If you are looking for a place to get routine maintenance, or even major repairs done, consider these reasons you should choose an independent garage.

  • Personal touch. When you take your car to an independently-owned garage, the mechanics take a more personal interest in your car care. They rely on repeat customers to keep their business operating, and they truly want to give you the best service at the best price. These dealerships tend to be more friendly to their customers, as they are working to build a lasting relationship.
  • Trustworthy reputation. Independent garages rely heavily on word of mouth, reviews, and testimonials to build their clientele. The relationships they create with their customers extend beyond simply getting the job done and raking in cash. When you take your vehicle to one of these garages, be sure to tell others about your experience as it helps out your neighbors as well as the garage.
  • Better prices. In most cases, corporate garages are known to be more expensive than local garages, simply because they know they can get away with charging outlandish prices for parts and labor. An independently-owned business is more likely to give you a better deal, and to work out a payment plan for expensive repairs.
  • Support the local economy. When you choose an independent garage, you are encouraging entrepreneurship in your area, and helping out the locals. The economy also benefits, as more of the money the garage earns is put back into the local economy than with a corporate garage.

If you are new to your area, or if you are looking for a new garage, be sure to ask friends and neighbors and check out online reviews of independently owned garages. You will likely be happier with the service and pricing, and you’ll be contributing to the success of small businesses. If you are in the San Diego area, call The British Garage at (858) 689-8900 today.

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