Expert Care for Your Land Rover & Range Rover

At The British Garage, we understand the essence of British engineering embodied in Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. Known for their robustness and designed for exploration, these vehicles demand expert care to maintain their exceptional performance. Our factory-trained trained Master Technicians, equipped with the latest technology, ensure your car receives unparalleled service.

Comprehensive Warranty for Peace of Mind

Every new Land Rover and Range Rover has a comprehensive limited warranty for four years or 50,000 miles. This includes a six-year corrosion perforation warranty with unlimited mileage and additional emissions warranties. To maintain these warranties, it’s crucial to service your vehicle at an approved center like The British Garage, where certified Land Rover parts guarantee the highest standards of safety and capability.

Tailored Maintenance for Optimal Performance

Understanding your Land Rover’s or Range Rover’s unique maintenance needs is vital to its longevity. Regular oil changes, with intervals depending on the type of oil used, are essential. Our service includes new oil, a fresh filter, and a thorough vehicle inspection. Every 15,000 miles or annually, we recommend comprehensive checks, including wiper blades, tires, underbody, fluid levels, brakes, diagnostic systems, and more, ensuring every aspect of your vehicle functions flawlessly.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency and Safety

Regular maintenance extends beyond performance; it also optimizes fuel efficiency. Keeping your vehicle in top shape, especially with correctly inflated tires, can lead to significant savings at the pump. Using BG’s 44k fuel injector cleaner further enhances your vehicle’s efficiency, power, and emissions profile.

Customer-Centric Service Experience

Your experience at The British Garage goes beyond mere vehicle servicing. We offer a complimentary shuttle service, affordable rental options, and thorough updates on your vehicle’s service process. Our Factory Trained Master Technicians employ advanced diagnostic tools to assess and repair any issues precisely, always using genuine Land Rover parts.

Schedule Your Service Today

Experience the difference with The British Garage’s knowledgeable staff and exceptional customer service. Trust us to maintain your Land Rover or Range Rover in peak condition. Contact us to schedule your next service or repair, and join our family of satisfied vehicle owners who demand the best for their vehicles.


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