5 Signs of Transmission Issues in Your Land Rover

Look for These 5 Warning Signs in Your Land Rover’s Transmission

In order to keep your Land Rover in excellent shape, you will need to take it to regular inspections and other maintenance at your dealership or at an authorized mechanic. This is a practice you should do particularly when you detect transmission problems in your vehicle, as taking the proper measures will prevent future damage to your vehicle. Pay attention to these sings of transmission issues so you can take immediate action.

Warning Lights

Perhaps the first and most obvious sign that indicates transmission problems in your Land Rover is the activation of your check-in lights. Modern cars now warn you ahead of time of any potential issue with your vehicle. If you see these lights activate, do not hesitate to take your car for inspection.

Foul Smell

Another obvious sign of a transmission failure is a terrible smell when you use the vehicle. Normally, the transmission should produce no smell. If you smell something burning, it’s one of the first signs something is wrong with the transmission. This might indicate the contamination or overheating of your transmission fluid. Either way, it will need immediate intervention.

Abnormal Noises

Your vehicle experience is supposed to stay free of bizarre or abnormal noises. If your Land Rover starts making unusual sounds, it is another indication of possible transmission issues. Manual transmissions may have some grinding noises when you shift, which means the clutch needs to be readjusted or is worn out. An automatic shift will emit some rough noises when switching between gears, which should always be smooth and quiet.

Transmission Leaks

If you notice dark red liquid leaking from your vehicle, that is your transmission fluid, which is essential for ease of gear shifting. Take your vehicle for maintenance immediately, as a lack of transmission fluid leads to engine failure.

Erratic Shifts

Land Rovers are luxury vehicles that are supposed to give a smooth, stress-free driving experience. If the car starts to vibrate, has erratic, delayed, or sudden gear shifts, or you simply can’t get into gear at all, contact your shop immediately.

If you experience one or more of these signs, contact a licensed, trusted repair service, such as The British Garage in San Diego, CA. Our master technicians will provide you with exceptional customer service.

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